Also for third-party providers: Amazon opens the AWS Public Registry


Amazon is now providing a public registry for AWS CloudFormation. It enables the search for extensions for cloud services that have not only been developed by AWS, but also by members of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and the developer community. CloudFormation is Amazon’s Infrastructure-as-Code approach, with the templates of which cloud operators specify the required resources and dependencies and thus start and configure the services together as a stack.

The new tab simplifies the search for extensions and their integration into existing CloudFormation templates and AWS Cloud Development Kit applications. Right from the start, more than a dozen APN companies with a total of 35 extensions are represented in the directory, including MongoDB, Atlassian Opsgenie and Trend Micro, such as AWS announced the announcement in a blog post.

CloudFormation has been supporting private registries since 2019, and the new public registry should now ensure uniformity in the provision of resource types and modules. To be included in the registry, extension publishers must either verify as an AWS Marketplace provider or as a GitHub or BitBucket user and register in an AWS Region. The extensions themselves are validated using best practices.

The previous pricing model remains for the use of the new AWS Public Registry: There are no additional costs for the use of AWS native resources, the prices for the use of third-party services are based on the monthly number of dealers Operations. The Public Registry is available immediately in most of the AWS regions of the world.

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