Alternative Scenario of Star Wars Episode 9 Becomes a Comic

The screenplay, written by Colin Trevorrow for Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker, the latest film in the Star Wars franchise, has been turned into an internet comic by fans.

Star Wars brand entered the vision after moving to Disney Star Wars movies it almost divided the fans into two. While some viewers liked the movies very much, some viewers accused Disney of breaking away from the essence of the story and making bad movies.

There was a script that was written but not used for the last movie of the series. Director Original screenplay written by Colin Trevorrow It had leaked onto the internet and gave an idea of ​​what production could look like. This script has become an internet comic.

Fans make their own Star Wars

Darth Vader

Fans of the series decided to turn the unused script of Rise of Skywalker into an internet comic, which generally did not get a very good rating from the critics. Due to conflicts between Trevorrow and Lucas Film, the director was withdrawn from the film. Last movie J. J. Abrams had pulled.

In the script prepared by the director, many things were developing differently. Even the title of the movie would be Duel of the Fates. Duel of the Fates at least He was able to find a place on the internet.


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Illustrator Andrew Winegarner is the final point in the story known as “The Skywalker Legend” That you prefer Duel of the Fates, He says he liked the script more than the movie Rise of Skywalker. The artist, who drew a few main scenes at first, says that he decided to turn the whole script into a comic book.

There will be 7 episodes in total

star wars


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Winegarner, the series drawn by Marvel’s “LegendsFor those who don’t know, Disney, after buying Star Wars everything except the movies Put it in the Legends category and removed it from the main story.

When you complete the story according to the artist’s testimony There will be seven fascicles in total. When we look at the drawing quality, it is not known when the comic book will be completed. To the comic from here you can reach.