Alternative to the e-scooter: Vässla – the e-moped for the last few meters

E-mopeds are a very rare product category – most electric two-wheelers without pedals are designed as a Vespa replacement. The Swedish manufacturer Vässla has now presented its simply called “bike”, which drives a maximum of 25 km / h. The highlight: The aluminum frame of the vehicle can be folded up and thus also transported in local traffic or in the car. The battery can be removed for charging.

Job market

  1. Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU), Erlangen
  2. Hays AG, Munich

The Vässla bike is positioned as an alternative to the e-scooters and should allow a more relaxed ride – sitting on a sprung saddle. The battery that drives the 250-watt motor is in the seat tube. The battery should be able to be filled to 80 percent with a quick charger within 20 minutes. There are no such functions with e-bikes. According to Vässla, it takes an hour to reach 100 percent.

Connection to the smartphone

The engine is located in the 14-inch rear wheel of the e-moped. The tires are air-filled and should offer better suspension comfort than solid rubber tires. Mechanical disc brakes are available at the front and rear. Fenders and lighting are also integrated. Battery information and speed can be called up using a smartphone and an app developed by Vässla. The vehicle is also started and locked over it.

How far does the electric moped drive?

With a battery charge, it should go 40 kilometers electrically. The disadvantage compared to a bicycle with an electric motor: If the battery is empty, you have to push it, because an alternative drive option using muscle power is eliminated due to the lack of pedals.

Vässla bike (Image: Vässla)

The Vässla bike can be ridden without a helmet from the age of 15. Moped insurance is compulsory.

What does the Vässla bike cost?

At 25 kg, the two-wheeler is as heavy as many simple e-bikes. Vässla is already taking a deposit of 500 euros online orders for the vehicle, which costs a total of 1,500 euros and will also be sold in Germany from August 2020.

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