Amazon Prime Video: The final season of Mr. Robot will be in October 2019


The US TV channel USA Network has the trailer for the fourth and final season the drama series Mr. Robot released. Fans get the finale to the introverted hacker Elliot Alderson – played by Rami Malek – and his fight against the Evil Corp. and see the capitalist system in October. First scenes also show other familiar faces. So Christian Slater will take his role as Mr. Robot again, while Carly Chaikin appear as Elliot's sister and Portia Doubleday as ambitious, but mentally ill Angela.

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The fourth season builds on the events of the third season. Elliot also returns to well-known locations such as his former employer Allsafe and the Evil Corp. building. The movie portal imdb lists 13 episodes, which will probably be about 45 to 60 minutes long again.

Proper hacking tells exciting

Mr. Robot is known to tech-savvy people through his realistic portrayal of hacking. Elliot breaks into corporate security systems by conducting a man-in-the-middle attack on a Raspberry Pi. He also takes over accounts and devices from unsuspecting victims through social engineering and phishing. Nevertheless, creator Sam Esmail manages to create an exciting story about the mentally unstable Elliot, reinforced by Rami Malek's strong acting skills. The other actors do their best there as well.

The fourth season of Mr. Robot will air in the United States by the station USA Network episodically from October 6, 2019. There is also a German-language dubbed version. Here the series is distributed by the streaming service Amazon Prime Video. The first three seasons are to be watched in the original sound and in German with a subscription.