Amazon Prime Video: TV channels from ARD and ZDF in HD resolution at no extra charge


If you have a subscription to Prime Video, you can now access all linear TV channels from ARD and ZDF including 3sat and Arte at no extra charge. Of the 38 channels available, 28 channels can be viewed in HD resolution. The free booking of the Live TV channels is in the browser via the Prime Video website possible.

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It includes the channels Das Erste, ZDF, Arte, 3sat, Kika, One, ZDF Neo, ZDF Info, Phoenix, ARD-alpha, Tagesschau24, WDR, RBB, MDR, SWR, BR Fernsehen, HR Fernsehen, SR Fernsehen and NDR Fernsehen . Various regional branches are available from the stations WDR, RBB, MDR, SWR, BR and NDR. Ten regional issues of the WDR are only broadcast in SD resolution instead of HD quality.

When asked, Amazon indicated that the live TV channel is available in the Prime Video app for Android, iOS and the Fire Tablet. According to the Amazon, the channels of the channel should also be reachable in the Prime Video app on Fire TV devices, for Apple TV and for Smart TVs.

Problems accessing Prime Video’s live TV channel

So far we have not been able to confirm this. We couldn’t find the live TV channel in the Prime Video app. We tried it on an Android smartphone, an iPhone, two Fire tablets and the Fire TV Cube. We couldn’t watch the TV channels on any of the devices. We logged out of the devices with the Amazon account, deleted the cache of the app, but were not shown any TV channels.

The Fire TV devices also have a Live TV section, but the Live TV channel is also not there. Upon request, Amazon announced that it could take time for the channel to be activated. For this reason, we had already waited three days. However, the live TV channels could not be found in the Prime Video app.

In the web browser, the live TV channel is located behind the Channel Guide button. (Image: Amazon / Screenshot:

In the desktop browser, the TV channels of the live TV channel are in the Channels section. There is an overlay called Channel Guide. If we click on it, an electronic program guide opens with an overview of the channels. We don’t see the Channel Guide button in the Prime Video app. The channel section is completely missing in the app on the iPhone.

Prime Video supports profiles

Just over a week ago, Amazon submitted a profile function for Prime Video. We can use these in the Prime Video app on Android and iOS devices. The profiles are still not available on Amazon’s own Fire tablets. On Fire TV devices, the profiles are only available in the Prime Video app, but not for the Fire TV interface on which the Prime Video content is located. Many functions are still missing in the profiles, so there is no PIN protection and child profiles cannot be configured further.

Addendum of July 17, 2020, 5:57 p.m.

Problems can currently arise with the activation of the live TV channel. If you don’t see the live TV channels in the Prime Video app after booking, you should contact Amazon Support. In our case, Amazon had to intervene here and then the live TV channels were available. As soon as the live TV channel has been activated correctly, it will be displayed in the Prime Video app on the platforms mentioned in the upper area on the start page of the Prime Video app.

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