Amazon’s Cloud Game System Luna Has Been Opened to Early Access


The cloud-based game system Luna, announced by the technology giant Amazon in the past weeks, was opened to early access today. However, only a limited number of players were selected among the players who applied to the system’s early access program.

Amazon, cloud gaming service in the past weeks Announced Luna. The company’s cloud gaming system was preparing to become a major competitor to cloud-based gaming giants such as Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and NVIDIA GeForce Now. Here is Amazon’s Luna system, it was opened to early access today.

In a new blog post shared today, Amazon announced that a limited number of players could start using the new cloud-based gaming system. The company has joined the early access program of the new Luna system. hundreds of thousands of players have applied stated in his article. But among hundreds of thousands of people, only limited number of users received an invitation to early access.

Amazon Luna is on early access:

amazon luna

Amazon will track the feedback of its players who joined the Luna system, which it opened for early access today. Players who are eligible to receive an invitation for early access are charged $ 6 per month (approx. 47 TL). Luna + on Game Channel They will be able to play more than 50 games over the cloud system.

Players who started to use the new system with an invitation to access early access, are on the system via Ubisoft Channel. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla they will also have the chance to play. Besides that, Amazon Luna, Far Cry 6 It will also host other giant Ubisoft games.

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Amazon Luna, players using a web-based client On PC, Mac, Fire Tv, iPhone and iPad It will present a library of more than 100 games. However, those who wish, Amazon’s special controller for Luna ‘Luna Controllercan also buy. Luna Controller, From $ 49.99 (about $ 393) will be available.

However, players will not have to use Luna Controller only in Luna. Wishing player, a controller supported by your device You can also enjoy the games using. The most important factors that distinguish Luna Controller from other controllers are Cloud Direct technology and Alexa will support.