Amazon’s Cloud Service Becomes the Target of Cyber ​​Attacks

The latest target of cyber attacks has been Amazon’s Cloud Services (AWS). It turns out that a quarter of attacks on WordPress websites are connected to the internet service called ‘Amazon EC2’.

In an increasingly digital world, cyber security is more important than ever before. In the past few days, news such as Apple suing a spyware and Israel banning the same software have become more and more common. Cybersecurity researchers now know that attackers WordPress websites discovered he was targeting.

According to the data obtained by the researchers, 25% of cyber attacks use Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) as a tool. It has been detected that they are trying to login suspiciously in WordPress installations. 5 thousand of 77 thousand IP addresses part, briefly ‘Amazon EC2’ It has been detected that it is connected to the internet service called . Ram Gall, a cybersecurity expert at Wordfence, states that the IP addresses used by cyber-attackers have been engaging in suspicious behavior since only last week. Gall states that AWS facilitates the transition of companies to the cloud, but at the same time, such cloud services are chosen as targets in cyber attacks.

More than 1 million suspicious entries were detected in the last 10 days:

amazon cyber attack

Gall makes an interesting assumption from the emerging information. 17 November since Over 1 million suspicious logins from 40 IP addresses Stating that he is trying to do this, Gall suggests that cyber attackers may have accessed these IP addresses in exchange for money. Stating that cyber attacks are becoming easier and more common, Gall says that websites should take action to prevent such incidents.


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In addition, Gall also provides advice for users. On every website and service you are a member of different passwords using, ‘two factor authentication’ states that we should also take advantage of the feature. In this way, even if cyber attackers capture your password, the security of websites is not threatened.

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