AMD: Asus brings Ryzen 4000 notebooks for less than 1,000 euros

Asus will also build several notebooks with the upcoming AMD mobile processors. Below are those Zenbook 14 (UM433IQ) for the somewhat higher-priced consumer market and that Vivobook S14 for less money. Both devices use a 14-inch full HD panel. Besides, it should be a Vivobook S15 that relies on the popular 15.6-inch Full HD screen.

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The devices also have in common that Asus installs a maximum of one Ryzen 7-4700U. This Renoir generation AMD CPU uses eight cores and has a power budget of 10 to 25 watts. However, SMT is switched off, so no further eight threads are added to the eight cores.

Although the chip uses an integrated Vega graphics unit, Asus installs a Geforce MX350 from Nvidia in the Zenbook 14. It should be a bit faster, but it quickly reaches its limits in more demanding games. The notebook also uses 16 GB of RAM and a maximum 1 TB NVME SSD.

Vivobook S14 (Image: Asus)

The Zenbook’s chassis has changed compared to the predecessor not changed much. Here you can find HDMI, USB-C (3.2 Gen2), two USB-A ports (3.2 Gen2 and 2.0) and a micro SD card reader. The device weighs 1.15 kg and should have a battery life of up to twelve hours. A virtual number pad that is displayed on the trackpad is typical for Asus notebooks from this category.

Vivobooks without a dedicated GPU

The two Vivobooks S14 and S15 use an identical CPU. However, no dedicated graphics unit is built in and instead is based on the integrated GPU. A maximum of 16 GB of RAM and a 1 Tbyte SSD can also be purchased here.

The Vivobooks have – regardless of the display size – three USB-A ports (3.2 Gen1 and two 2.0), USB-C (3.2 Gen1), HDMI and a micro SD card reader. Again, a number pad can be displayed on the trackpad. All three notebooks also use Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

The Zenbook 14 costs from 950 euros. The Vivobooks S14 and S15 are a little cheaper at 750 euros.

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