AMD May Also Issue Cards Special For Bitcoin Mining

Due to the fluctuations in bitcoin prices, graphics card stocks have almost disappeared recently. In recent months, when there is a very serious video card problem in the new and second hand market, a big attack is expected from companies that produce video card chipsets. This kind of attack may now come from AMD.

Bitcoin Due to mining, there are days in the world when it is hard to buy graphics cards altogether. One day in the world of technology “graphics card shortageMaybe you wouldn’t believe them if they said it was going to live. Nvidia it decided to take responsibility in this matter and to produce mining cards again.

As a matter of fact Nvidia had tried this initiative once in 2017. Some card makers to bitcoin mining special graphics cards but the desired effect could not be achieved. When you look at it today, there have been many changes in the bitcoin market since 2017. People now want to mine more, earn more, and even just make a living with bitcoin. Even bitcoin Electricity consumption has increased considerably all over the world due to its fields. Governments are planning to engage in bitcoin mining due to bitcoin fields that consume as much electricity as an average factory.

Get ready for AMD B series graphics cards

AMD B Series Graphics Cards

Following Nvidia’s initiative on graphics cards, AMD’s stock concerns it surfaced again. The relentless struggle between the two companies is now behind the issue of technology imitation or tracking. technology AMD team after Nvidia, which made serious breakthroughs in development B series graphics cards will produce. AMD’s R&D team Navi 1x first generation RDNA technology started working on graphics cards specially produced for mining.

AMD’nin GDDR It is stated that it will emphasize blockchain technology by choosing the technology and placing the “B” tag on the existing graphics cards. Which will separate player and miner cards AMD Navi 12x’e plans to go up. Soon Radeon RX5799X TB, RX 5700B It shouldn’t surprise us to see such cards. Energy consumption of cards or OC What their performances will be like now is just what our imagination gives us.

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