AMD Zen 4 Rumors Flared: Intel Will Be Bored


Especially on platforms such as Reddit, it is claimed that AMD will offer Navi graphics to all processors with the Zen 4 series. Intel will not be satisfied with this, of course.

Between AMD and Intel processor war continues. In the past months, statements from both sides have excited computer enthusiasts. Internet users who love to examine things when it is left blank have reached an interesting theory about AMD’s Zen 4 architecture from the explanations so far.

According to the theories AMD, Zen 4 based Ryzen 7000 processors Navi graphics will also be available to users in all of them. This could make Intel annoyed more than ever before, and even jeopardize market leadership.

Will all processors be APU?

AMD roadmap

Almost everyone who knows more or less about processors CPU and APU expressions has seen. The CPU is basically a pure processor unit, while the APU statement AMD uses in some models indicates that the graphics processor is also integrated. With Zen 4, AMD will remove the difference between CPU and APU and use integrated Navi graphics on all models.


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If the rumor turns out to be true, Intel’s competitive power will be seriously weakened. The US manufacturer generally releases its processors with integrated graphics. In this way, it attracts users and businesses that only want a processor. AMD’s putting iGPUs on processors will mean that neither IT staff nor budget-conscious computer users prefer Intel.

There’s more time for Zen 4



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As can be seen from the road maps created based on AMD’s previous statements, we will have to wait for a while for Zen 4. AMD, which has not yet finished with the Zen 3 architecture, is the next generation Ryzen 6000 CPUIt will use 6nm Zen 3+ architecture.

The 5 nm Zen 4 architecture will bring many innovations with it. When transitioning from AM4 sockets to the newer AMD 5 platform, among them DDR5, LPDDR5, USB 4.0 ve PCIe 5.0′Many new features will also be available to users.

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