“Among Us” is free on the Epic Games Store

The online game “Among Us” is currently free of charge in the Epic Games Store: users of the game store can access the title for free until June 3rd. However, the savings are relatively small: the game normally costs 4 euros in the Epic Games Store, and it is also available on Steam for this price.

“Among Us” is the biggest surprise game hit of the past year: The deduction game, inspired by party games such as “Werewolf” and “Mafia”, was launched in 2018, but only became a huge success last year. Numerous Youtubers played the title on their channels, the sales figures shot through the roof. This may also have been due to the social game principle at the time of contact restrictions.

Trailer zu “Among Us”

The timing of the free offer is being disputed: too late, the hype is over, and everyone has the game anyway, many criticize in forums and social networks. But all these arguments were also loud when “GTA 5” was offered for free in the Epic Games Store – the huge run on the free GTA finally brought the Epic Games server to its knees.

A document that came to light in the course of the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games shows the success that Epic Games has celebrated with various free games. “Subnautica”, the first game ever offered for free in the Epic Games Store, brought Epic 800,000 new accounts. For this, the company had to pay the developer studio $ 1.4 million.

The document also makes it clear that the interest in free titles depended very much on the individual game: titles like “Celeste” and “Inside” were less worthwhile for Epic than other indie games like “RIME” or “World of Goo” . In addition to “Subnautica”, most of the new accounts brought in a package of blockbuster games from the “Batman Arkham” series during the period shown. The document only lists the first nine months of the Epic free games – titles like “GTA V” or “Civilization 6”, which were later offered free of charge, are not found in it.


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