An Ancient Rocket Supposedly An Asteroid

According to NASA asteroid expert Paul Chodas, the object approaching Earth and predicted to be an asteroid is actually an ancient rocket. The object in question is predicted to be the Centaur upper-tier rocket that was launched in September 1966, pushing Surveyor 2 to the Moon.

NASA asteroid specialist Paul Chodasdiscovered something interesting about the object thought to be an asteroid, which will temporarily orbit Earth next month. It seems that the object thought to be an asteroid is not actually an asteroid. Chodas, the object is from a failed Lunar landing 54 years ago. an old rocket thinks it is.

Chodas estimates that the 2020 SO is the Centaur top-tier rocket that launched Surveyor 2, launched into space in September 1966, to the Moon. Normally the upper stage rocket crosses the Moon and Around the sun his journey in orbit had to come to an end. The object in question was discovered by a telescope in Hawaii that was tasked with searching for potentially risky asteroids to Earth. If the size of the object 6-12 meters is estimated to be between.

The object behaves differently than a typical asteroid:


Speaking about his interesting discovery, Chodas said that what attracted his attention is that the object is almost around the Sun, very unusual for an asteroid in a circular orbit says it is to move. However, the fact that the object is in the same plane as the Earth and can be considered slow for an asteroid At 1500 mph The fact that he approaches the world is among the other details that attract Chodas’s attention.

As the object, which is not known yet, continues to approach the Earth, astronomers also orbit map of and determine how much it is repelled by the thermal effects of radiation and the Sun.


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If the approaching object is an old rocket, it will act differently than a massive asteroid that is less susceptible to external influences. Chodas may not be asteroid out there dozens of objects However, the transactions are too vague or complicated to authenticate.

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