An Andean Condor Flew 172 Kilometers Without Winger


Researchers on the and condor, one of the largest bird species that can fly, have revealed that this bird can fly for 172 kilometers without even flapping its wings.

Many big and small in the world bird species It features. There are many important differences between flights of large species and flights of small species. Scientists aim to solve these differences.

One of the largest species among the birds examined for this purpose. andean condorWas at the focus of scientific studies by experts from Swansea University. In these reviews, this creatures It turned out that he did not flap for a long time.

172 kilometers without flapping

andean condor

In the team’s work, one of the andons 172 kilometers It turned out that he went forward without flapping even once. This epic flight is placed on the birds and follows every move they make. chips recorded by. The route and wing movements followed by the bird were followed by these chips.


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Monday Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published in magazine To research according to these birds, their journey only in 1% flapping wings. The flapping activity takes place when it is close to the ground and at the departure stage.

Although Andean condors have very high durability, they are in question. energy-saving It stands out as pretty smart animals. Until these creatures reach a certain altitude and catch the air flow even if the wing beats then it starts to glide.

Flight of giant birds is examined

andean condor


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One of the authors of the research, Max planck From the Animal Behavior Institute Hannah Williams, “Our results revealed that the flapping behavior of birds is not related to the weather. This means that it is more important to decide where and when to place birds, for the condor unnecessary landings shows that it creates a burden and they want to get down to where they can get up. ” used the expression.

Researchers with these birds in the past lived, “Dragon-like” It links the extinct species. So even more big however, more information about extinct species will be available.

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