An Artificial Intelligence That Throws Bass Guitar Solo Has Been Developed

A YouTube channel called Dadabots has developed an artificial intelligence that can shoot bass guitar solo indefinitely. This artificial intelligence, which consists of neural networks that repeat itself, can produce pleasant melodies in live broadcast on YouTube.

Artificial intelligence, which has been used in almost every field in recent years, has started to help the music industry this time. A team that is very interested in music has created an artificial intelligence that can make music by adding a little bit of technology into the work.

Live bass broadcast CJ Carr and Zack Zuckowski are the owners of this artificial intelligence. The duo self-produced melodies to be published on their YouTube channel called Dadabots and beating the bass solo developed an AI.

Can beat more than 85 notes per minute

Dadabots put their neural networks through a bass guitar training that lasted about 2 hours. This training was given by a famous bass guitarist named Adam Neely. Neely made 85 impromptu hits per minute to neural networks in a video he posted on YouTube. playing notes on the E minor band only expressed that he taught.

Dadabots will allow AI to predict the next melody on neural networks Sample RNN architecture stated that they use. Along with all these, the team, which can improve the overall sound quality, has developed a system that can produce energetic melodies at high tempo.

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