An embryo that was frozen 28 years ago came to the world

In the USA, 28-year-old Tina Gibson became pregnant from an embryo that was frozen 28 years ago and gave birth to a baby girl. With this birth, Gibson developed a world record he held before.

As technology develops, new ways are opening up for people. One example of this happened in the US state of Tennessee. 28 year old woman, full With an embryo frozen 28 years ago became pregnant and gave birth to a baby. Tina Gibson, born on November 25, 1992, first conceived of a frozen embryo 25 years ago in 2017, and a baby named Emma was born. When the healthy Emma, ​​now 3 years old, was frozen, it was 1.5 months before her mother was born.

From a frozen 25-year-old embryo to give birth to a baby to the world record Tina Gibson, who now had a child from a 28-year-old embryo. Born about 1 month ago Molly Everette Gibson the baby is extremely healthy and “the oldest human with embryo in the world“He has taken his record from his sister.

Baby frozen from embryo 28 years ago

Both babies were frozen in the year their mother was born

What starts to get interesting is that the two babies Tina Gibson gave birth were also frozen 1.5 months before she was born. So if both babies were born without freezing at that time, they would be just 7 to 8 months younger than Tina now.



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From an organization called the National Embryo Donation Center in the USA who gave birth to two children with embryos Tina and Ben Gibson couple have two beautiful babies who are the same as looking from one side. The Gibson couple’s two beautiful children also provided important information about the viability of long-frozen embryos. We wish both babies to have a happy life in the continuation of their lives.

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