An Ethereum-Based Rock NFT Sold at an Exorbitant Price

Founded in the early days of NFT, EtherRock’s #33 digital rock NFT sold for a record price. It is unknown why NFT was sold at such a high price.

NFT frenzy is growing exponentially day by day. In the past weeks, Coca-Cola has also digitized its old products and called it NFT. putting it on sale then this time a kaya NFT’si Sold for a very high price.

One of the first NFTs of the Ethereum blockchain EtherRockfor this series, not actually a single product 100 digital rocks exists. Enthusiasts can buy these rocks as NFTs.

Digital rock for $100,000

EtherRocks’ NFT rocks, in 2017, are worth millions of dollars today From CryptoPunks’ NFTs It was established shortly after. 100 digital rocks at crazy prices this project trying to sell NFT frenzy It seems to have achieved its purpose.

A Twitter account that follows the prices of rocks sold by EtherRock shared that piece 33 of these rocks has been sold today. The price paid for rock number 33 is exactly 33 ETHi.e. according to the current price 105 thousand dollars. Also, the other digital rocks of the series, recently. Between 50 and 90 thousand dollars Sold at varying prices. If it’s part 1 of the series 1000 ETH so about 3 million dollars is looking for a buyer.


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We don’t know who would want to buy a digital rock for $3 million but recently an NFT by CryptoPunks 3 million 800 thousand He had found a buyer for the dollar.

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