An Exemplary Project from Samsung: Galaxy for the Planet

Samsung announced the Galaxy for the Planet project, which it created to leave a more livable Earth to future generations. According to the statements made by the company, when we come to 2025, there will be big changes in Samsung’s products. In addition, the company wants to reduce the amount of waste to zero by 2025.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has created a new project to increase sustainability. Galaxy for the Planet‘i, namely ‘Galaxy for our planet’. Within the scope of this project, the company will reduce the amount of waste material, reduce energy consumption, will reset the use of plastic and will start using recycled materials in the products it launches.

The date determined by Samsung, which will implement the Galaxy for the Planet project under the four items mentioned above, 2025. In other words, the company will enter into a brand new process 4 years from now. Moreover, this process is much more sustainable in terms of sustainability. productive will be. In addition, the habits of consumers will be changed with Galaxy for the Planet. Alright SamsungWhat exactly does Galaxy for the Planet aim for?

Samsung will do the following by 2025

Galaxy for the Planet

According to the statements made by Samsung, when we come to 2025; recycled materials from Samsung on all mobile products We will start to see. According to Samsung, the quality and durability of recycled materials will be much better than today. This will reduce the amount of waste material. In addition, Samsung, in the boxes of the products it sells until 2025 from single use plastics will give up. Instead, environmentally friendly products will be used.

An important development to be experienced within the scope of Samsung’s Galaxy for the Planet project is that smartphones about chargers will be. Thanks to the work it will do, the company will reduce the energy consumed by the chargers when they are empty, will reduce it to 0.005 watts. The power consumption, which was 0.02 watts in 2021, will also increase for the years after 2025. will be completely reset. In this way, energy savings will be achieved.


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If Samsung can bring its plans to life maintaining the ecological balance It will be a huge step forward. TM Roh, one of the Samsung executives, who made statements on the subject, said in order to leave a livable planet to future generations. there is something for everyoneHe said that Samsung is also determined to do its part….