An Instagram Stories-Like Feature Arrived on Slack

Slack has announced that it has made its feature called Clips available for the first time in October 2020. Similar to the story feature of social media platforms, Clips allows users to shoot videos and share them with other employees. The company thinks that with this feature, there will be no need for meetings.

In particular, they are used by companies to communicate. Slackannounced that it has launched a brand new feature. According to the company made “Clips“, this new feature allows users to take videos and share them with their teammates. Clips, which is very similar to the type of sharing we know as “story” on social media, to the business world seems to offer a new experience.

Slack debuts its Clips feature October 2020It was announced in . The feature, which was tested with a small user base in March 2021, later disappeared from the eyes. However, the latest statements reveal that all relevant work has been completed in this process. Because Clips is now easily accessible to Slack users. can be experienced. So what exactly does this feature do?

Here’s what Slack’s new feature looks like

The feature that Slack makes available is that users have a by shooting videoallows them to share this video on their internal channels or directly with users. In this way, a company employee who cannot attend a meeting or who wants to rethink all the issues in the meeting will find answers to all his questions by watching the clip that his manager will upload again and again. It will also be possible to comment on clips shared on channels and react with emojis. Slack thinks the Clips feature will reduce the time killed in meetings because videos shared on channels will replace meetings.


We’d App From Zero to That Money: Slack Officially Sold for $27 Billion

Slack had a huge amount a while ago, $27 billion It was acquired by cloud software company Salesforce. The company also talked about the fruits of this acquisition when Clips announced. In the statements made by the company, Saleforce offered 16 services for It was stated that the integration work was completed. With this integration, companies can fully integrate Slack with the services of Salesforce. rapport in they can use.

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