An Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle Statement by Toyota CEO


Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda made striking statements at an event he attended. Acknowledging that electric cars reduce carbon emissions, Toyoda said that the production of internal combustion engine vehicles (including hybrids) should still be continued. Otherwise, according to Toyoda, 5.5 million people could be unemployed in Japan alone.

The evolution of the automotive industry to electric motors has been going on for a long time. The leading names of the industry, with the statements they made one after the other. for fully electric vehicles Announcing that they are going to switch. However, at this point shy There is a company that has an attitude. This company is Toyota, based in Japan.

Toyota CEO’su Akio Toyoda, about the future of the industry made a remarkable statement. Acknowledging that electric motor vehicles are reliable in terms of carbon emissions, Toyoda said, ignored declared that it was a matter. According to Toyoda, this issue can be seen in the automotive industry with the production of electric motor vehicles. the need for manpower to decrease.

“At least 5 million people may lose their jobs”


According to Toyoda, by 2030, Japan will produce around 8 million cars with internal combustion engines (including hybrids). According to the researches, 50 percent of them will be exported. Referring to these statistics, Toyota CEO said that Japan’s economy is based on production and production of internal combustion engine cars to zero.says it will unleash unnecessary workers in production chains. According to Akio Toyoda, the cancellation of 8 million vehicle production Around 5.5 million employees be out of work means.


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Toyota CEO, Japan is not in line with the decisions taken by European countries, on their own terms He says he needs to move. In this context; Reminding that the link between reducing carbon emissions to zero and protecting the Japanese economy should not be forgotten, Akio Toyoda said that the solution is hybrid engine means to increase sustainability in vehicles.

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