An Old Malware Android Appear Again

A malicious Android software that was detected by security researchers about 3 years ago has reappeared. The software, which can steal a lot of information from messages to bank information, is shown to be much more dangerous this time.

According to the news in BGR, it is quite dangerous fakespy The old Android malware named has appeared once again. FakeSpy, detected by security researchers about three years ago; it was designed to steal user’s messaging, financial data, bank login information, application data, contacts and much more.

This software put users in South Korea and Japan on the target board when it first appeared. The re-emerging software is not only limited to these two countries this time, and worldwide targeting users.



The countries that this malware is currently targeting are China, France, Germany, the UK and the United States. From the original version of FakeSpy’s new iteration much more dangerous and it is said to be sophisticated. So Android users should especially avoid suspicious messages.

FakeSpy, among users post office spreads via an alleged SMS. In the message sent to the user, a package is said to be delivered, but the package cannot be delivered because the user is not at home. Then the user is sent a link to download an application. Once installed, the app sends messages with malicious links to everyone in the user’s guide.


When the application is downloaded by the user, this malware can fully access the user’s device. It can read messages, send messages, access information from contacts, read external storage and go beyond them. bank or cryptocurrency Starts searching for applications related to. When it accesses these applications, it steals user information.


Android Users at the Target of an Advanced Google Play Malware

Roaming mantisIt is stated that this software, which is thought to be developed by a Chinese group known as “, is one of the most powerful software on the market right now. For the moment, Turkey has also been seen to be vigilant against the benefits of Android users to messages from unknown sources. As you know, the internet is one of the easiest ways to cross country borders.

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