An Ultra Rich Has Bought An Island Through WhatsApp


An unnamed ultra-rich was reportedly negotiating with the real estate (!) Consulting company on WhatsApp and buying the island for $ 6.2 million. Moreover, the new owner of the island watched only the videos of the island before purchasing.

Quarantine measures practiced all over the world during coronavirus days are detached islands caused him to show more interest. Interest in the islands has increased so much that a European man who does not speak English recently, By communicating via WhatsApp Reportedly purchased without visiting the Irish Island of Horse.

Ultra-rich, 157-acre island with an unknown name $ 6.2 million agreed to purchase. Different sizes on it 7 separate houses The found island had a population of 0 until its new owner settled and was intertwined with natural life.

irish horse island

The main house on the island has a size of 420 square meters and 7 rooms It features. Other houses on the island, which are called guest houses, are 3, 2 or one-roomed. The island is independent of mainland water, sewage and electrical infrastructure and all houses are connected by roads.

horse island

On the island, which has almost every possibility that an ultra-rich could want helipadThere are even a gym, tennis court, three separate beaches and a ship port. Also on the beach monk sealsIt is possible to see flocks of dolphins in areas near the shore.

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