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Analysts are Ambitious: Bitcoin will see $ 5,500 for big!

Bitcoin has been drawing a fairly horizontal graph for a long time and continues to shift between $ 4,000 and $ 4,200. While it remains unclear how long the leading crypto currency will continue in this range, some analysts believe that this will not last long, according to historical data.

BTC had previously experienced either a big break or an output at the same rate in similar scenarios, and the current situation stormed It is very similar to the silence before. Although many analysts say that in the near future Bitcoin may try to go up to $ 5,500, there are also bad ones in the table.

Bitcoin Stuck in a Narrow Range

Bitcoin finds buyers from $ 4,027 over the press time and 0.13 in the past 24 hours has experienced an ascension. As the price remains stable, Bitcoin's volatility also falls. Crypto Krillin, a Twitter analyst, said in a post on the post that he believed in leaving $ 5,500 but still falling to $ 3,000.

In addition to Krillin, one of the most popular crypto money analysts in the Galaxy is a very strong Stressing the probability, Bitcoin could now cost $ 5,500 over the next two months, [2]