Analysts: Tesla has to wrap up warm in front of the Apple Car


When Apple finally hits the market with its own electric car, it will primarily affect Tesla. This is the opinion of analysts at the Morgan Stanley banking house, who published a current study on the subject at the festival. Accordingly, the electric car maker under the leadership of Elon Musk has to fear much less of traditional vehicle manufacturers such as VW or Toyota than of the iPhone manufacturer.

He has the “central ingredients” that are critical to future success in the automotive industry: access to capital (Apple is the most valuable listed company in the USA), the ability to attract and retain top talent, hardware design skills (from Human-machine interface up to the battery) as well as a “rich ecosystem to take advantage of recurring sales through subscriptions and services”. According to Morgan Stanley, “Internet of Cars” services could “outperform” the entire auto business.

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More from Mac & i

Recently there were rumors that Apple will enter the vehicle business for the foreseeable future. The “Project Titan”, “Apple Car” or “iCar” is according to the news agency Reuters supposedly ready for delivery from 2024. After the announcement, the Tesla share initially fell. Elon Musk let himself be carried away shortly afterwards to divulge the information that he had even approached Apple during the “darkest days of Model 3” to negotiate a sale. Allegedly Apple boss Tim Cook refused.

It is unclear whether the timeline will actually remain in 2024. Well-known Apple observer Ming-Chi Kuo of the Taiwanese money house TF International Securities said on Sunday that the development plan for the Apple Car is “still unclear” and if development starts (or has started) this year, it will be before 2025 2027 nothing. In fact, Apple has been working on the project for many years. According to Kuo, however, “it would not be surprised if the launch schedule was postponed to 2028 or later”. Until then, Tesla could still sell numerous cars.


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