Android 11 Update for Nokia 8.3 5G Released

The Android 11 update for Nokia 8.3 5G, the mid-segment phone launched by Nokia at the beginning of last year, has been released. In addition, with the software update, the January 2021 security update was also offered to users.

Finland-based smartphone manufacturer Nokia in the first quarter of 2020 Nokia 8.3 5G had launched the model. Nokia’s middle segment device, which came out with the Android 10 operating system, started to receive the new operating system update.

According to the official Twitter account of Nokia, the Nokia 8.3 5G device Android 11 It was announced that the update will be published. Some users also started getting the update.

Nokia 8.3 5G started getting Android 11 update

nokia 8.3 5g android 11 update

In the screenshot of the update shared in GSMArena, it is seen that the update size is 1.89 GB. In addition Security update January 2021 is offered to users with this software update.

So, what kind of features are offered to users with the new update? The features offered according to the shared screenshot are as follows: grouping message notifications, chat bubbles to pin chats to the screen, to applications that request access to your device. one time allowance and downloading security updates directly from the Google Play Store.

So Android 11 With this update, Nokia 8.3 5G users will also be able to access the basic features offered to users with the operating system. So, what kind of features did Android 11 offer users in addition to those offered here?


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The stable version of Android 11 has a menu that allows you to control connected devices from one place. In addition, all media playback control has been moved to the notification bar. If we continue from the notifications section, with Android 11 check notification history can be obtained.

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