Android: Google wants to reduce unwanted app shutdowns


In a Q&A on Reddit Google programmers have explained the background to the problem that numerous smartphone manufacturers quit apps in the background without being asked. This usually happens with the indication of a better battery life.

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If the users are not aware of the shutdown, which is the case in most cases, this is more likely to cause problems. So often notifications no longer arrive or apps that should actually run in the background are simply switched off.

According to Google, there are discussions with various manufacturers to clarify the reasons for the forced shutdown. The Google employees did not give names. Companies that turn off apps in the background by default include Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi. Users usually have to manually release apps for background operation.

Forced shutdowns are to be made more difficult

According to Google, it is working to make it more difficult for manufacturers to shut down apps unnoticed. For example, the Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) is updated for Android 11. Manufacturers must therefore inform users in good time if an app is closed in the background. Currently, this is done without notice.

In addition, manufacturers are to be prohibited from excluding certain apps from the background restriction. This should enable fair competition. According to Google, the top manufacturers have at least eliminated the CDD violations in their latest builds – but no names were mentioned here either.

There is also a new API for developers to help them determine why the app was closed. In this way, they should be able to rule out the possibility of a programming error.

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