Anker expands portfolio with acquisition of Poresy

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03/08/2022 – Category: Trade

POS systemsSource: Anchor

With the takeover of Poresy, the Anker Group can position itself as a full-service provider of POS systems and self-checkout systems for smaller retailers as well as large retail outlets.

The Anker Group takes over Poresy, an implementation and service provider for POS systems. This allows the company to expand its offering in the areas of software development, customizing, implementation and long-term support of POS systems, including 24/7 first and second level support. As the inventor of the modern cash box, Anker has repeatedly been able to set new standards with hardware for the point of sale. anchor is still the market leader in the German-speaking food retail sector in this segment.

With the acquisition of the Berlin-based software company LocaFox in 2020, Anker added a cloud-based software solution to its portfolio. This retail solution combines a cash register system, electronic cash book and merchandise management system. With the recent acquisition of Poresy the Anker Group is now developing into a holistic POS solution provider with software and hardware. This ranges from the digital checkout system for small and medium-sized retailers to innovative all-in-one and self-checkout systems to full-service implementations for retail groups.

From hardware to POS software to POS services

True to the motto “everything from a single source”, the group of companies is divided into three areas. Anker continues to offer a comprehensive hardware portfolio for the point of sale. This ranges from cash drawers and cassettes to flexible mounting systems from batch sizes of 1 to thousands. LocaFox offers the POS software of the same name for sole proprietorships and small and medium-sized retail businesses. At Poresy, as an international POS service provider with installations managed worldwide, the focus is on retail groups. In doing so, Anker is consistently taking the step from hardware manufacturer to full-service provider with comprehensive POS solutions. These are aimed at customers of all sizes and face the growing challenges of an increasingly digitized market.

POS systems
With the takeover of LocaFox and Poresy, the Anker Group is developing into a holistic POS solution provider. (Image: Anchor)

Customers are already benefiting from an even more attractive product and service portfolio. For example, Poresy’s customer base, which has grown over decades, will be looked after as usual by the 80 employees who have been taken over. And the customers can be sure of the competence of the colleagues in the parent company. This also includes support for LS Retail products such as LS One and LS Central. In addition, support for other selected third-party software solutions.

POS systems: The future is digital

Together with LocaFox and Poresy, Anker relies on the combination of modern hardware and POS software. As well as the integration into existing IT infrastructures. With its comprehensive range of services, the company makes it easier for retailers of all sizes to modernize their checkout systems. This ranges from the roll-out to the accompanying support from a single source.

dr Fabian Schühle, managing partner of the Anker Group, is certain that the future of cash registers is digital: “Germans love their cash, so cash cassettes and cash drawers that everyone knows from shopping will still be with us. But the payment mix is ​​playing an increasingly important role, not only in e-commerce but also in retail. While flexibility in payment methods is the priority for customers, small retailers and corporations alike are primarily concerned with the advantages of digitized processes.”

“Modern POS systems are far more than just software to simplify payments. The interlocking of the systems in the areas of merchandise management, inventory and Co. has long been completed, but will take on an even more present focus in the future. Accordingly, we are pleased not only to be prepared with our subsidiaries LocaFox and Poresy, but also to be a source of impetus for process chains at the POS in the future as a holistic POS system provider for hardware, software, integration and associated services,” says Dr. Finally, Fabian Schühle.

POS systems
The Anker Group is best known as a manufacturer of cash boxes. (Image: Anchor)

Reestablishment of Anker and management buy-out 2019

anchor goes back to the Bielefeld Anker works from 1876, last owned by Oracle IT and known as a manufacturer of cash registers. Since Anker was founded in 2015, the manufacturer has managed to build on the brand’s historic success. The first milestone was a management buy-out in 2019. As a result, Managing Director Dr. Fabian Schühle and Operations Manager Maik-Oliver Winzker, as new shareholders, take control of the company and sell cash cassettes, cash drawers, flexible holder systems and cash register systems for the point of sale.

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