Announced How Much TL Twitch Scams Made

It turned out that the famous Twitch publishers, who worked in partnership with credit card fraudsters and were detained in the past few days, have made millions of TL worth of profiteering with the transactions they have made so far. Here is the latest information obtained…

The famous broadcasting platform Twitch, which hosts one of the biggest fraud incidents in the history of the Internet, continues to stay on the agenda with the developments related to this issue recently. When the allegations that famous broadcasters and e-sportsmen were involved in fraud and money laundering events came to light, he took to Twitter. #TemizTwitch The subject was reacted with the tag.

After that, the famous Twitch publisher Jahrein reacted harshly to the scammers and decided to leave the platform due to the lack of any sanction, although they confessed to their crimes. Three days ago, studies were started in 11 provinces and 40 fraudsters were taken into custody. Sent to the courthouse by train scammers How many TL did they profit from? also emerged.

We explained how Twitch scammers do this:

Publishers detained for card fraud so far 1 million dollarsi.e. at the current dollar rate 13 million 830 thousand TL It turned out that they were cheating. Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office management and Istanbul Police Department Anti-Cybercrime Branch teams went after the fraudsters who obtained millions of liras with the credit cards they copied and reproduced. Credit card scammers cooperate with famous Twitch streamers and the money they make He transferred 30% to himself. learned.


It was announced that 2 of the 42 suspects who were referred to the courthouse were arrested. The identities of the suspects who were referred to the courthouse and arrested have not been disclosed yet.

You can also learn more about fraud from our video below:

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