Announced that Turkey's Separation Time Social Media


Turkey, a day of social media According to data from 2019 dedicates time 2 hours 46 minutes. This corresponds to approximately 9% of a day. At the top of the list is the Philippines.

Today, people are among the most important assets smart phones ranks. This is not the only reason for instant communication, at least not in the traditional sense of communication. Social media and virtual communication is of great importance to many today.

Peoples social media habitsalso caught the attention of media monitoring agency Ajans Press. Agency Press, reflected in the press in relation to social media news counts He examined. In our country last year focused on social media 100,000 on the news announced.

131 thousand social media news:

social media

Over the past year, our country's social media 131 thousand 791 news was made. Thus, the place and importance of social media in our country's agenda was emphasized. also social media the news spread over the agenda was also more effective in creating the agenda.

According to Agency Press's data from We Are Social Turkey's time spent on social media, daily 2 hours 46 minutes. At the beginning of the countries that spend the most time in social media 4 hours 12 minutes using social media Philippines, 3 hours and 34 minutes spent on social media Brazil and with 3 hours 31 minutes Colombia ranks.

Japan stays away from social media:

social media

The least time spent in social media is the country Japan It was. Daily time allocated to social media in the country 36 minutes Not now. In this sense, the Far East is the most distant country in terms of social media.


Description From The Municipality After The Abusive Message Sent From Social Media

This is the general social media figures of our country. Our country ranked high in terms of graphs. Social media seems to be highly adopted in our country. Together we will see whether this will change in the future.

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