Annoying Sea Saliva Sharing from Ata Demirer


Ata Demirer revealed a new and unsettling truth about the sea saliva problem that almost invades the Marmara Sea with a post he made on Instagram. Demirer, who said that he was in the North Aegean during his dive, announced that the sea saliva had reached there.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the agenda items that Turkey has been talking about for a while The sea saliva problem in the Sea of ​​Marmara is coming. “Sea saliva”, which is widespread throughout the sea, threatens marine life to a great extent. The horrific statements of scientists on the subject make people even more anxious, and the fact that no concrete steps have been taken yet makes one think that the Sea of ​​​​Marmara has been left to its own fate. However, if no new steps are taken in this regard, the situation even more serious seems to evolve towards a point.

One of the important names in the comedy-entertainment industry, Ata Demirer, shared two new photos on Instagram today. Demirer, who dives into the sea where he says it is the North Aegean, says that the sea saliva or “mucilage“It showed that he had come this far.”This is the North Aegean. Unfortunately, the saliva has come this far! I’m so sorry…Demirer, who made the statement, received similar comments from his followers.

Ata Demirer’s photos showing the sea saliva problem in the North Aegean

Aegean Sea

Minister of Environment and Urbanization, the number one interlocutor of the subject Murat Institution, said that they had prepared an emergency action plan for the mucilage problem and that they would take steps in this regard. President Erdogan, referring to the situation in Istanbul, discussed this issue. that they will not leave it to the Istanbul Metropolitan MunicipalityHe said they would take care of the situation. In this context, we will see together what to do about the issue in the coming days.


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