Anti-Coronavirus Vaccines Take Twitter Again


Twitter is once again flooded with anti-vaccine posts, anti-vaccines, who claim that coronavirus vaccines are a population planning method, have moved the label Be Uneasy, Don’t Be Vaccinated.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic began to affect the whole world, conspiracy theories about the epidemic have been was not interrupted. COVID-19 disease causing SARS-COV-2 Since the virus is produced in the laboratory and intentionally transmitted to humans, we come across with increasing claims that Bill Gates is behind this project. conspiracy theories, accelerated further as various pharmaceutical companies obtained emergency use permits for coronavirus vaccines.

Initially, it was claimed that vaccines contained microchips that were claimed to be used to control people and were too small to be seen in the liquid; In the next stage, it was claimed that vaccines were a deliberate population planning tool and would be used to reduce the population by selecting and creating a natural. Immediately after inclusion of all SGK employees in the vaccination program #AnxietyOlAşıOlma The hashtag trending on Twitter shows that we’re still on the same page when it comes to conspiracy theories.

conspiracy theory

As you can imagine, it is possible to encounter very interesting posts under the hashtag #TedirginOlAşıOlma, like every trending hashtag. While bot accounts continue to make posts independent of the content of the tag; Accounts supporting the hashtag share videos and quotes that support conspiracy theories; against anti-vaccine Accounts with the same tag also help them to rise in the trend list by sharing with the said hashtag.

One of the posts that received the most interaction under the said hashtag and perhaps caused the hashtag to spread to so many people is the one shared by the user ‘komutanlogar112’ video it happened. In the video in question, a man who is a guest of a television program includes the words of Jacques Attali, an adviser to the former president of France, Francois Mitterrrand, describing our so-called present situation. The video in question was used by the anti-vaccine ‘today’s description‘, while being mocked by the other group.

Some posts made under the hashtag #TedirginOlAşıOlma

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