Anti-Vaccination is an Irrational Attitude


Nobel Prize-winning Turkish scientist Aziz Sancar, who came to Turkey as the guest of honor of TÜBİTAK for TEKNOFEST, met with the “TÜBİTAK COVID-19 Turkey Platform”. Sancar, in his evaluation of COVID-19 vaccines, said that the opposition to the vaccine is an “irrational attitude”.

As it is known, since the use of COVID-19 vaccines, conspiracy theories about the side effects of vaccines have been produced all over the world. While the global governments are running some conditions for those who are not vaccinated, this situation is exacerbated by the Nobel Prize-winning Turkish scientist Aziz Sancar. made important statements.

Coming to Turkey as TÜBİTAK’s guest of honor for TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest aviation, space and technology festival, “TÜBİTAK met with the COVID-19 Turkey Platform”. After the meeting titled “Developing Together and Succeeding Together”, Sancar made evaluations and said, “You have received information about vaccine studies in Turkey. How do you find the point where vaccine studies have come?”I found it very successful. I knew about some of them, but I didn’t know in such detail. They really did a great job in 3 years and trained good students, I really liked it” he said.

‘Being anti-vaccine is illogical’

Aziz Sancar

When asked if he had a message about anti-vaccination, Sancar replied:I don’t know what to say because I think being anti-vaccine is illogical. be anti-vaccine not a logical attitude‘ he replied.

Stating that his university does not accept those who are not vaccinated, Sancar said, “I don’t know if Turkey enforces the laws, but even if the law does not, it is necessary to get vaccinated, otherwise. You are putting someone else in danger. you have no right to this” he evaluated.


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