Antibody Quantities of BioNTech and Sinovac Announced

The amount of antibodies produced by the Sinovac vaccine and the BioNTech vaccine in Hong Kong was examined. According to the research, BioNTech produces 10 times more antibodies than Sinovac. Experts believe that placing emphasis on mRNA vaccines will make it easier to overcome the epidemic.

The medical journal The Lancet has published the results of the latest research on coronavirus vaccines. According to the article, it is also used in Turkey. mRNA-based BioNTech vaccine and the antibody levels created by the passive virus-based Sinovac vaccine in the body were determined. According to the researches, BioNTech is from Sinovac. 10 times more antibodies.

A review investigating the amount of antibody formation in coronavirus vaccines, Hong Kongwas held in . By measuring the amount of antibodies in the bodies of people who had had the vaccine in the area, the scientists found an average ratio between the two vaccines. Here is the 10 percent ratio of mRNA vaccines to conventional vaccines. is more effective it reveals.

mRNA vaccines also reduce infectivity

Vaccine antibody production

According to a report in Bloomberg, in countries such as the USA and Israel, which implement mRNA-based vaccines, There is also a significant decrease in the rate of spread of the disease.. However, this does not mean that the coronavirus vaccine produced by Sinovac is not good enough. Examining the situation in countries using Sinovac, Bloomberg found that the death and severe illness rates in these countries are severely affected. he dropped reached its conclusion.


Vaccination Rate Required to Defeat Coronavirus Announced

Speaking of vaccines, coronavirus vaccine applications in Turkey continue at full speed. When we look at the website of the Ministry of Health regarding the amount of coronavirus vaccination, More than 61 million doses We see a large number of vaccinations. Of these, 19.2 million were second doses. Although this number looks good, it should at least double as soon as possible. Because vaccines that will help us get rid of the scourge of coronavirus, after second dose shows the main effect.

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