Anycubic Photon Ultra: 3D-Resindruck mit DLP-Technik

Apparently there is some movement in the currently somewhat sleepy market for 3D printers: with his Photon Ultra the Chinese manufacturer Anycubic wants to set new accents. Instead of an LCD for printing surface projection, the Photon Ultra comes in for the first time DLP-Chip for use.

Instead of a directly illuminating LCD, the Photon Ultra uses DLP optics.

(Image: Anycubic )

The DLP technology should enable prints with particularly sharp edges, while at the same time extending the service life to 20,000 hours; Problems with the LCDs, which are often short-lived due to the high UV exposure, should also be eliminated, and the DLP printer should work significantly more energy-efficiently than its LCD counterparts (only 12 instead of 60 W). The Photon Ultra requires around 1.5 seconds of exposure time per shift, comparable to fast LCD printers.

Section of a print made with the Photon Ultra

(Image: Anycubic)

Despite the DLP chip with a resolution of only 1280 × 720 pixels, the printer is said to produce better results than 2K LCD printers thanks to the outstanding contrast and sharpness values ​​of the DLP optics. Anycubic reports that the optics were developed in collaboration with DLP specialist Texas Instruments. Receive the first 100 “Early Birds” at the start of the Kickstarter campaign on September 14, a discount of $ 200 off the later list price of just under $ 600.

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