AOG on YouTube: First Video Released


The Group Without Purpose (AOG), which has started its adventures on Facebook for 8 years and is one of the largest families in social media in our country, joined YouTube after a long wait. AOG released its first video today.

Before platforms such as Twitch or Discord were not that popular, Facebook groups were one of the most popular ways of socializing. One of the most popular and crowded groups of our country, which has turned into a giant family of hundreds of thousands of people over the years Group Without A Purpose (AOG).

Founded by Onur Asrak and Sercan Aycan in 2013 without any purpose, AOG has proven its strength in social media frequently with the meetings and social assistance events it has organized in the past 8 years. Continuing its journey that started on Facebook on many platforms, AOG is now joined YouTube. The news, which was eagerly awaited by AOG members, has officially come true with the video released today.

First video released:


Saying hello to YouTube with the first video they released today, AOG shows the date of their establishment in this video. Going back to September 5, 2013 recounts his journeys. From how The Group With No Purpose was formed, how it suddenly went viral, and some setbacks over the years. Everything you might wonder about AOG There are also many explanations about the social responsibility projects of the group and the meetings held in the video.


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Sercan Aycan and Onur Asrak, a member of the Webtekno family who have worked in our social media team for many years, on their YouTube journey. we wish you success, lots of views and subscribers.

If you want to check out AOG’s first video: