AOG Reveals How Much Money It Makes From YouTube

AOG, one of Turkey’s largest establishments, announced how much it has earned on YouTube so far. The video also gave advice for those who earn and want to earn money on YouTube and social media.

The most well-known and and organize from the YouTube channel of AOG, one of its formations how much It was announced that he made money. Onur Asrak and Sercan Aycan, who are the founders of AOG, show how much they have earned in a short time they entered YouTube with the video they shot. announced.

AOG has many social responsibility projects. contributing and also with humorous content laughing a community. On the YouTube channel of the community, there are currently 8 videos in total, including the last video they published. But the income shown in the video Earned from the first 7 videos let me specify.

How much did AOG earn from YouTube?

As seen in the video, the total money AOG earned from YouTube with 7 videos in 1.5 months. $ 80i.e. with the current exchange rate on the date the video was taken 678,23 TL. Onur Asrak also stated that $80 deposited on YouTube is taxed with 18%. So for AOG YouTube revenues 122,08 TL has been paid to the state.

AOG founders are also for those who want to enter YouTube professionally. gave advice. Onur Asrak is one of those who make money professionally from social media and YouTube. what to do and what to pay explained. The video also explained how collaborations, which are the main source of income for content producers, work.


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