Apex Legends Difficult to Make Characters Damage

Apex Legends made a quick exit and quickly announced its name, along with a new patch note released today, which left some players in a disadvantageous position. they don't prefer. The character has a larger hitbox (the virtual space occupied by the objects in the games) because it is longer and larger compared to others. So targeting and damage to Gibraltar is much easier than smaller heroes. The same problem is found in heroes who are larger than other characters such as Caustic and Pathfinder.


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An employee from Respawn Entertainment, who developed Apex Legends, expressed their opinion on Reddit as follows: 900 1. at the beginning of the season we mentioned that Pathfinder, Gibraltar and Caustic were damaged very quickly because they had larger hitboxes than other heroes. First, we tried to match the hitboxes to the character, and this change made good results on the Pathfinder. However, when we look at the feedback and data we receive from our users, we see that Gibraltar and Caustic are not affected by the changes on hitboxes. Veril


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Although the changes made on the Hitbox'lar used to help the pathfinder'nin patch with the release of Gibraltar and Caustic players will get rid of this problem. Both characters have been added a passive capability called Fortified, which reduces the damage received by 10%. In addition, Gibraltar's passive ability Ca damage to Gun Shield and Caustic's Gas Nox Gas Trap Ca and Caustic's ust Nox Gas Grenade ’Ultimate capability increased.


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