Apex Legends Player Team Going to the Toilet Eliminated

A recent Apex Legends tournament witnessed one of the weirdest esports cheating events ever experienced. An actor who had to go to the toilet asked his lover to be in front of the computer. Even though the person sitting on the computer was not active in the game, the situation was considered cheating. As a result, the team was eliminated from the tournament.

Cheating is a situation that we may encounter sometimes in e-sports, as in every sports branch. When such an event is detected in e-sports tournaments, the result is likely to be disqualification. A recently Apex Legends A cheating case that occurred in the tournament is a funny example of these events.

A Thai Apex Legends team player was accused of cheating for putting his girlfriend at the head of the game while going to the bathroom during the tournament. As a result, the team was disqualified from the tournament, and the funny incident was the agenda.

She sat her boyfriend on the screen and went to the toilet

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Tom Yum Kung Apex Legends team, GLL APAC South competed in the tournament. The well-known team consisting of Lertpong ‘Dexter’ Nakurai, Sinchai ‘Chambers’ Sotsiao and Teerachock ‘Killoposz’ Muedin continues their successful progress. Dexter had to go to the toilet. With no other choice left, Dexter asked his lover to stand by the computer before going to the toilet. Thus ‘AFK’ would not be kicked out of the game for staying.

Live Twitch’ten In the moments that were published, the woman, who accepted the request, took over the computer. According to Dexter’s innocent wish, he would only ensure that he was not kicked out of the game. He would not engage in any combat and would only follow Dexter’s teammates to move. Other members of the team warned her about this, as the team had planned nothing went wrong. In fact, the woman who stood at the beginning of the game got up from the table after a while and let the character die. However, it was still the violation of the rule and the consequences were in this direction.

World 2nd team disqualified with toilet incident

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Tom Yum Kung, in terms of his score in Apex Legends Global Series for a period was the best team in the world. The team still holds the second place in the world. This title makes what happened to the team even more ridiculous. Unfortunately, the team was eliminated from the tournament due to the footage from Twitch.

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