App instead of cable connection: live TV apps compared


Streaming services compete with classic television, but only provide a fraction of all TV content. Fortunately, to use linear television, you no longer need a cable connection, DVB-T receiver, IPTV contract or a satellite dish. There is now a whole range of well-functioning TV apps for smart TVs and smartphones. Joyn, Waipu and Zattoo are the three best-known offers that cover many channels.

A great advantage of the services is the high flexibility. Not only can they be used independently of a stationary access such as a cable socket, they can also be used without a contract lasting several years. Joyn, Waipu and Zattoo can be canceled monthly. This makes it easier to switch between the different tariffs if you want to watch a premium channel – which in turn protects the wallet. Last but not least, you are more independent of the functions of your hemic network infrastructure. Router and mesh systems such as Eero and Nest Wifi do not master multicast, which makes the use of IPTV-based television solutions difficult or impossible. And if your cable or internet connection is disrupted, simply look further via mobile phone on your smartphone.

Joyn, Waipu and Zattoo each offer a limited, free tariff and paid ones. Waipu and Zattoo use two different levels, Joyn only one that is marketed as Joyn Plus – in the text, Joyn refers to both tariffs. Above all, Joyn wants to lure users with a higher resolution and access to their own media library in the Joyn Plus tariff, the two competitors, on the other hand, rely on a more extensive range of channels as an argument for a monthly fee.

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