App Store: Apple’s app store leaves Google Play far behind in terms of sales


Apple has achieved a new record in sales in the App Store. This is what the Finbold specialist service assumes. According to the numbers, Apple managed to bring apps to women and men for an estimated $ 41.5 billion in the first half of 2021. That is a growth of 22.05 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Apple itself does not officially provide any information, only reports the total revenue of its services business.

With these figures, Apple is said to have almost doubled its sales compared to Google’s Play Store with its significantly larger number of Android users. In the Play Store, sales are $ 23.5 billion. However, at 30 percent, Google grew even faster than Apple. A total of 65 billion dollars are said to have flowed into smartphone programs, an increase of almost 25 percent.

The growth in the App Store and Play Store is considered a direct result of the corona pandemic. Apparently more apps are needed in lockdown. The situation is now normalizing, but the demand for programs for iPhone, Android and Co. remains high. In the Android sector, especially countries with a high density of these devices gained sales. But Apple is likely to stay ahead overall in the longer term. However, like Google to a certain extent, the group has trouble with the cartel watchdogs who accuse Apple of operating a monopoly with the App Store.

Apple recently lowered the commission for small and medium-sized developers – from 30 to 15 percent. In the USA there was also an out-of-court agreement with small developers who, according to the comparison, are now also allowed to refer to alternative (direct) payment options – even if only at certain points on the Internet, for example via email. In addition, a multi-million dollar compensation fund was set up.

In the top 3 best-earning apps, however, there is no Apple product. Instead, according to Finbold, TikTok is ahead with $ 920 million, followed by Google’s YouTube (564 million) and the dating app Tinder (520 million). In the gaming sector, a total of $ 10 billion is said to have been spent on mobile games.

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