App Store: Corona warning app, the most downloaded iPhone app in 2020

The Corona warning app is the most frequently downloaded iPhone app in 2020 – although it has only been available for half a year. This is evident from Apple’s year-end charts, which provide insight into app behavior in the App Store. Apple does not give specific download numbers, usually only first installations on devices are counted, updates and renewed downloads are excluded.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the corona warning app So far downloaded 10.6 million times in the App Store – As of the end of November. Furthermore, iPhone users are far over-represented when it comes to downloading the app, they make up around 45 percent of the total of 23.2 million downloads, although only around 25 percent of smartphones in Germany are iPhones, while the other 75 percent are Android devices. The uneven distribution was already apparent in June and has hardly changed since then.

In addition to the usual apps from large corporations that have dominated the download charts on smartphones for years – above all Facebook (WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger) and Google (YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail) – there are other social media apps such as TikTop and Snapchat to the most commonly downloaded apps for iOS. With the video conference tool Zoom and Microsoft Teams, the pandemic can also be seen on other app charts. Learning apps like Anton have been added to the iPad. According to Apple, the best-selling app was “Blitzer Pro” followed by the crypto messenger Threema.

More from Mac & i

More from Mac & i

With Wakeout, Apple has a fitness app for the home office made app of the year, the iPad app of the year is Zoom. The calendar Fanastical is listed as the best Mac app, which particularly stands out for its integration of video conference tools and remote meetings, as Apple notes. The manufacturer lists the music and relaxation tool Endel as the best watch app, and the streaming service Disney + for Apple TV.


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