Apple Adds iMessage to the Ultimate Security Layer

A cybersecurity expert from Google’s Project Zero team discovered that Apple has added a new layer of security to iMessage with iOS 14. This layer, called BlastDoor, ensures that all data coming from iMessage is examined first, and if malware is found, this data is blocked.

US-based technology giant Apple’s iMessage application with iOS 14 security layer it turned out to be added. Discovered by Samuel Grob of Google’s Project Zero team, this layer of security ensures that all incoming messages are securely examination of and in the case of malware preventing this message from interacting with iOS or accessing user data.

Samuel Grob, who discovered the security layer, told Apple’s “BlastDoor“This layer of security helps to get rid of all the vulnerabilities discovered in recent years that have led to hackers to attack through iMessage. By the way, cybersecurity experts to date. repeatedlyThey were able to detect security vulnerabilities found in iMessage.

According to Grob, iMessage is now more secure


Samuel Grob did not find this property as a result of arbitrary research. Cyber ​​security expert, some time ago Qatar-based news channel Al JazeeraHe discovered Apple’s new security layer while examining a cyber-attack attempt against employees of the company over iMessage. However, Apple, which always prides itself on security, why he didn’t mentionis a big secret.


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According to a blog post by the cybersecurity expert, Apple has The closest thing to the best that can be done has done. Because this layer will take iMessage much further than it has ever been. Stating that the application is now much more secure, the cyber security expert, with such solutions, not only a security vulnerability, but any cyber attack It states that it will be prevented.

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