Apple Announces Subscription System in Podcasts Application

The monthly subscription system and invitation system to be used in Apple’s Podcast application were introduced. The system, which will be available from this month, will be aimed at supporting content producers.

Apple in the Podcasts app for its users starting this month paid subscription will activate the system and invitation program. After this system is activated, in the Podcasts application free podcasts This method is expected to become very popular in the near term, although it will continue to be the majority.

According to Apple’s statement, this system is completely special contents podcast content producers also in order to aims to win.

What is the subscription and invite program?

Apple Podcasts

Thanks to this system podcast users, an ad-free listening experience, episodes pre-access and special episodes will have such advantages.

In the invitation program, the owner of the invitation link is the owner of the fee paid by the participating user. %50will be able to receive as a bonus. For example, the person who sends an invitation link to subscribe to X podcast content user50% of the fee paid by the sender as a bonus credited to his account and this only podcasts with revenue able to spend for. Although the details of the invitation program have not been fully clarified, a statement in this direction is expected from Apple in the near future.

The company also stated that it is working on a badge system for podcast subscribers to provide details such as how long they have subscribed. According to Apple, with this system, content producers will be able to understand how much their listeners love the content.


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In the long term, Apple is using this invitation program. iTunes, Apple Music and Apple TV + wants to integrate it into content platforms such as. This invitation program has not yet Not available in Turkey however, it is expected to be available in our country in the near future.

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