Apple dealers offer Macbooks, iPads and iPhones by subscription

The retailer Cyberport has launched a subscription model for Apple devices: Instead of buying devices such as iPhones and Macs, customers can subscribe to them for monthly payments – the offer is designed for end customers. The term for iPhones and Apple watches is at least two years, for Macs and iPads three years. The rented device must then be returned. Alternatively, you can also receive a purchase offer at a “fair price”, according to the dealer, even before the subscription period expires.

The monthly subscription price should always be slightly lower than the purchase price: The iPhone 12 with 64 GB of storage space, for example, costs just under 29 euros per month with a subscription or 693.60 euros for the entire rental period of 24 months. For comparison: Cyberport estimates the direct purchase price for this model at 876.30 euros.

Subscribers should also be given the option of upgrading to a new generation of devices during the term. With the iPhone, for example, this is possible after 12 months of subscription – “for a fee”. When returned, the device may show “normal signs of use”, is what Cyberport partner C2 sayswho handles the rental of equipment. Additional costs apply in the event of damage.

Subscribers to Apple hardware also have the option of “subscribing” to Cyberport accessories, but this is a classic installment purchase over 12 months with an effective annual interest rate of 5 percent. The accessories then become the property of the buyer.

More from Mac & i

More from Mac & i

Apple is now also focusing on monthly payment options for its mostly expensive products. This involves 0 percent financing that is processed via a partner bank and runs for 24 months with the iPhone, the device then belongs to the customer.

Even after five years, the manufacturer has not yet introduced its “iPhone Upgrade Program” in Germany. It is designed to let the user switch to the latest model every year – and thus to continue to tie them to classic financing that runs for 24 months.


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