Apple Delivers XR to Increase iPhone Xs Sales

The iPhone XR, the most affordable of three new iPhone models announced on September 12, will be released later than the others.

Last year, Apple launched three new iPhones, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, at the event in September. The iPhone X was launched in November and the iPhone X was launched in November. At the time, Apple said the device had problems with the supply of the OLED display, and now claims the same thing for the LCD screen of the iPhone XR. For this reason, it is claimed that Apple had a different purpose. According to allegations, Apple was afraid that the sales of these devices, which were more expensive if the iPhone XR was released at the same time as the Xs and Xs Max. So Apple has made the iPhone Xs and Xs Max unrivaled.

Another reason for Apple to implement such a marketing strategy is that the devices with OLED display are more profitable. According to a famous analyst, the cost of iPhone Xs is $ 355, while the cost of Xs Max is $ 371; The iPhone XR costs $ 331. Xs and Xs Max, which are sold at much higher prices despite this small difference, are of course in the foreground for Apple.


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As of today, when the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, which are offered for sale in various countries, will remain in our country, it is still a mystery. The iPhone XR will be available in the US and several other countries on October 26th. Similarly, the date of arrival of this device in our country is uncertain.