Apple Develops Switch-Like Game Console

According to the details shared on a Korea-based website, Apple is developing a mobile game console that contains a chipset that improves graphics performance. The console, which is said to be similar to the Nintendo Switch, will bring a new chipset series with it.

It is known by everyone that Apple does not target gamers with the products it launches. The company has more functionality, functionality and process performance It focuses on attracting users who need processing intensive power. Therefore, the graphics performance of Apple’s devices may be slightly lower than other devices on the market.

Today, it has been claimed that Apple is working on a device that will also target the mass of gamers. According to a post posted on the Korean website ‘Clien’, Apple said, “It looks like Nintendo’s Switch”portable hybrid console”Is developing. In addition, this device will carry a brand new chipset to deliver the graphics performance missing from Apple’s products.

Mobile game console from Apple?


In the aforementioned post, it was first mentioned that Apple is working on a chipset that is not in the A series and the M series. Compared to other chipsets of this chipset will offer better graphics performanceIt was claimed to also include ray tracing technology. Even Apple’s game giant Ubisoft’la It was also among the allegations that he made interviews for the next games. These games can also come to Apple’s Arcade service.

In the mobile console where the chipset will be located, we do not see Apple’s products in general, but it is a must when it comes to graphics performance. where the cooler will be located specified. Any other details specific to the device are not shared at the moment. Although these details are exciting, it should not be forgotten that they are only allegations.


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Similar claims have been made about Apple before. In the past years, the company in 2020 will launch a game-oriented Mac had been put forward. As you can see, such a thing did not happen. But that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t working on a game-focused device. The company may be developing and testing secret prototypes in itself. However, it is up to Apple whether they go into real life or not.