Apple: Employees heard up to 1,000 Siri snippets a day


For the evaluation of Siri language files at Apple there are new details: A report of the newspaper According to Irish Examiner Cork employees should listen to and evaluate up to 1,000 voices per shift in Cork.

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After Apple closed the practice in early August 2019, employees had to sign silence agreements regarding their work; a normal process. Still, some have confided in the Irish Examiner and reported on their work. "The pictures were a few seconds long. Sometimes we heard personal information or excerpts from conversations, but most of the time these were Siri commands. "explains one of the employees.

According to an earlier report by the Guardian, very private things were said to have been heard by Apple employees during the shoot. Among other things, it should be confidential discussions, business meetings, criminal arrangements and even sexual acts. Many users were unaware that their voice input – whether deliberate or unintentional – was intercepted.

Some employees have already been terminated

After completion of the evaluation, some of the workers in Cork are said to have been fired. "My colleagues are mostly young people from Cork, who now have no job"said one of the employees who spoke with the Irish Examiner. The remaining 300 workers now fear that they will be alike.

Not only Apple has analyzed the audio files of its voice service Siri, also Google and Microsoft have intercepted recordings of their voice services. Apple announced that it would stop the evaluation practice until users were adequately informed before using Siri and could prohibit the evaluation. Google suspended the evaluation for three months at the end of July 2019.