Apple faces another patent charge

A medical doctor at New York University claims that a patented system is being used without permission by Apple. The doctor who sued Apple on this subject wants to prevent the use of the system that detects heart rhythm disorders by Apple.

A feature of Apple Watch devices is a common heart rhythm disorder. atrial fibrillation can be detected. For this reason, Apple Watch can be said to be life-saving for many users. According to information from Bloomberg Joseph Wiesel on the Apple Watch devices. that this property belongs to and heart arrhythmia This system is patented the information that it claims.

Apple Watch measures users' heart rate during the day and notifies users of any heart rhythm disturbances. Apple's new Watch models are also used to detect common atrial fibrillation. Digital Crown'from electrocardiogram feature offers users.

Plaintiff Wiesel, on the other hand, was able to detect atrial fibrillation of the patented system ‘pioneering stepsBelirt threw. In Wiesel's patent, measurements are made at regular intervals. detailed explanations of how to detect heart rhythm disorders It features. This patent, described as bir a method for detecting possible atrial fibrations, ’was presented to Wiesel in 2006.

Wiesel claims unauthorized use of patent by Apple

apple watch

Wiesel teaches medicine at New York University. In September 2017for the patent He offered Apple a partnership. But Apple did not look hot on this offer.

Wiesel, who claims to have contacted Apple in 2017, has contacted Cupertino in California. patent information. He said. In addition, Wiesel is trying to avoid Apple's filing friendly discussion also suggested.


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Plaintiff Wiesel, patents on atrial fibrillation technology by Apple unauthorized use demand. Apple has not made any statements so far and will come soon unlikely.

Apple, the health field in recent years priority and Apple Watch was able to take important steps on this path. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, said in a few statements that Apple's greatest contribution to humanity health care He hoped that this would happen. But with this latest event, Apple's success in the field of health how much seems to be discussed for a long time.