Apple Gets Patent for ‘All-Display iPhone’

Apple has received a patent that will make the iPhone concept, which we come across almost every year, come true. While the patent depicts an all-glass iPhone with a touchscreen, it also featured the all-glass Mac Pro and Apple Watch concepts.

“This is how the new iPhone will look!” that design, which was launched as a form, may finally come true in the near future. We’re not saying it will definitely come true, but Apple has just bought it. patentle showed that there is at least a possibility. Moreover, the patent received by Apple is that the design consisting entirely of a touch screen is only Not limited to iPhone also points out.

The patent, approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and published on Nov.Glass covered electronic device‘ is titled. In the description of the patent, there is information that there is a touch screen on all 6 surfaces of the device (front-back-right-left-bottom-top). It is also stated in the patent that multiple glass edges will allow to eliminate the separations between the various surfaces of the iPhone. For example, when you open a panoramic photo, the photo will be mirrored so that it can be viewed not only on the front of the device, but also on the sides and back.

The all-glass iPhone concept in the patent:


As we saw above, this patent, which paves the way for a phone with glass all over, will enable the phone to be used from any screen. So what will replace the physical keys? Apple’s patent has found a very interesting solution to keys such as the volume and power key: Some sections on the side of the device prone to physical stress and the user will be able to use these areas as if they were a button by pressing them.


On the other hand, as we said, the patent does not only cover the glass all over the iPhone. In addition, one patent Mac Pro Tower konsepti and one too Apple Watch is located. Although it is stated that the Mac Pro Tower is covered with glass, it is not specified what kind of feature it will offer. At worst, we can expect the device to have a completely transparent structure. On the subject of the Apple Watch, Apple is talking about a model that is covered with glass all over.


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Of course, the fact that the devices are glass raises important questions in terms of durability. Considering these questions, Apple patented the devices ‘walls of varying thickness. It means you can have it. Still, we seem to have to wait at least a few more years to see devices made of all glass.

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