Apple Glass May Come Earlier Than Expected

The general rumor about the first VR and AR glasses that Apple has been working on in a long time was that these products would not enter our lives before 2023. However, according to the latest news, Apple is preparing to release its VR and AR glasses much sooner than expected.

VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are technologies that have been on our agenda for a long time and that technology companies are constantly trying to take a step forward. Now, we do many things with our smartphones using these technologies without realizing it. So they are actually included in our lives. But VR and WITH It has not yet fully met the great expectation it has created on the basis of users.

Because many of us have dreamed a lot of futuristic dreams for VR and AR. In fact, with the arrival of VR glasses, these dreams have become a reality. But Experience provided by VR and AR glassesis not yet very satisfying due to the limited content. Moreover, these glasses are still used in order to be fully integrated into our lives. relatively expensive.

Apple’s VR and AR glasses will also upset their price:

Apple Glass AR

Apple has also been working on VR and AR glasses for a while and it is eagerly expected how it will guide the industry in this sense. However, at least the news about the price is not very heartwarming for now because it seems that Apple’s VR and AR glasses are not competitors. much higher prices will be released.

For Apple’s VR and AR glasses Apple Glass The name is used, but it is not yet known whether this name will be used for one of the VR or AR glasses or it will be a general name. The biggest detail learned about these products so far LIDAR sensors with the future. At the same time, it is claimed that Apple Glass glasses will come with six lenses, but there is no clear detail about the intended use of these lenses.

Contrary to expectations, it could go on sale in 2022:

Apple VR


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The general idea of ​​Apple’s meticulously developed VR and AR glasses was that the glasses would not be available before 2023, but according to some reports, Apple In the first quarter of 2022 is preparing to present to its users. This too in this year It means Apple can promote these products.

Of course, these news are not exact information as they are not based on an official statement. But Apple’s VR glasses are now thought to be nearing the end, even though AR glasses are not available. So about a year later With Apple’s VR glasses It looks like we have a chance to meet.

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