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Apple Helps Notre Dame Cathedral to Repair

With a history of 850 years, one of the symbols of France, Notre Dame Cathedral, followed by a fire added to the description. Stating that they were sad after the painful incident, Apple announced that Apple would make a donation for the reconstruction of the cathedral on April 15th. For the cathedral, one of the most important symbols of France, the environment continues to come. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said today that he would make a donation to the Notre Dame Cathedral.


            850-Year-Old Notre Dame Cathedral Burned in Tears

The fire that lasted for 15 hours and severely damaged the 850-year-old work, could be controlled by extinguishing the firefighters throughout the night. Lt-Col Gabriel Plus, the spokesperson of the fire brigade contributing to the firefighting work, said, "The whole roof was ruined, and the tower is no longer present". while the financial support words began to come. Today, the CEO of the world-famous French companies gave 300 million euros in support of Apple in the wake of the promise of action. ] Apple will make a donation to the reconstruction work in order to reclaim the precious heritage of the Notre Dame Cathedral for future generations, yap said Tim Cook, adding that he is very upset about the event.
            Why Notre Dame Cathedral, Whining the World, is Important for Many People?

It is not yet known how much Apple will make a donation and when this donation will be made. It should be added that the investigation of the cause of the fire continued and that the fire was thought to have been caused by an accident during the renovation.